Recycling Plastic Since 1990

That's a lot of plastic.

Pioneers in Post-consumer Polypropylene

As sellers of quality plastic resins and a consistent scrap buyer with a solid reputation, we have seamlessly moved into the plastic recycling process of post-consumer recycled polypropylene. St. Joseph Plastics’ post-consumer PP is viable and versatile – we can change specifications and produce in various colors. Click the button below to watch a video on the full process.


As buyers and sellers of industrial scrap plastics, we are committed to providing quality resins.


Are you wanting to cut down on the cost of your plastic production and feel good about giving back to the environment at the same time? Whether you're looking for polypropylene or polyethylene regrind to add to your product, you can feel confident in the quality plastic resin we offer.

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Our pelletizing process is top of the line in our industry. With each blend we have a full-time lab testing and measuring to ensure the highest quality reprocessed and compounded pellets.

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